Molly Lisenco

Molly Lisenco

SAG - Screen Actors Guild

Theatrical Credits


The Internet Disagrees                     IMPROV MEMBER (former)


The Dog Logs     Jack(ie)      AlphaNYC 2015      Dir: Alice Camarota 

Fresh Blood: Love Bites                         Zoe                                           La Petite Morgue 2014
                                                                                                             Dir: Chelsea Holland


Fresh Blood: Love Bites                        Laura                                         La Petite Morgue 2014
                                                                                                             Dir: Chelsea Holland


Fresh Blood: Break-Ups From Hell        Allison                                      La Petite Morgue 2013
                                                                                                              Dir: Kellie Powell


Wolfsbane                                           Nurse                                         La Petite Morgue 2013
     Dir: Kellie Powell


The Desk         Jessica Dir: Chelsea Holland 2013
Beer Battered Play Festival


Fresh Blood: Old School Scary        The Photographer  La Petite Morgue 2013
     Dir: Kellie Powell


Bloody Gore-geous Monologues         Stir-Fry         Directed by Kellie Powell - 2013       La Petite Morgue


Martian Holiday" Esther/Passerby 1     Directed by Alice Camarota - 2012     Eternal Weavers Productions 


"1" Multiple Parts/Ensemble     Directed By Jon Zelasko - 2012
     Triskelion Arts Center 


Dorothy In Oz       Dorothy 'Dottie' Gale     Directed By Alice Camarota - 2011
Roy Arias Theater 


Fire Escape       Lainey     Directed By David Chapman  - 2011
PTC Main Stage Theatre 


Virgins & Werewolves       Tinsley     Directed By Sherri Kronfeld - 2011
PTC Mainstage Theatre


Romeo & Juliet       Benvolio/Lady Capulet     Directed By Maria Porter - 2010
PTC Hillwood Recital Hall


The Misanthrope       Arsinoe     Directed By Jesse Gieger - 2010
PTC Rifle Range Theatre 


Good Woman of Setzuan      Mrs. Shin/Sister In Law     Directed By Dave Dalton - 2010
PTC Mainstage Theatre


Fire Escape       Fallon     Directed By Anne McGuire - 2010
  PTC Mainstage Theatre


Bat Boy: The Musical      Ruthie/Young Meredith     Directed By Jason Jacobs - 2009
PTC Mainstage Theatre


The Roaring Girle     Ensemble     Directed By Dyana Kimball - 2009
PTC Mainstage Theatre 


Improv Show     Ensemble     Directed By Ryan Karels - 2008
PTC Rifle Range Theatre


Wallflower             Narrator     Directed By Shana Gold - 2008
PTC Mainstage Theatre


Screen Credits - SAG


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice;  The Rebound;  The Proposal;  The Jonas Brother’s 3D Movie;  Whatever Lola Wants;  A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints;  My Father, The Hero;  The Pickle;  The Cowboy Way;  Law & Order;  Life With Mikey;  M&M’s Commercial, etc...






  • Maria Porter - Suzuki / Advanced Acting
  • Benjamin Moore - Basic & Advanced Voice / Speech
  • Dave Hugo - Musical Theatre, Basic Acting
  • David Debesse - Stage Combat / Acting for TV & Film
  • Erik Andrews - Michael Chekhov
  • Jon Fraiser - Acting as a Business
  • Ryan Karels- Improv




  • Ballet (Beginner) 
  • Tap (Beginner) 
  • Hip Hop (Moderate) 
  • Modern (Beginner)

  •  Mezzo-Soprano
  • Basic vocal lessons





  • Stage Combat
  • Suzuki
  • Improv
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Sports 
  • Hacky-sack
  • Frisbee
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Jump Rope



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